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Kettly Mars

The Angel of the Patriarch


Allemagne -

Date de parution : 04 janvier 2018
ISBN : 9782715246959
Nombre de pages : 304
Format : 14x20,5
Prix : 18 €


Haïti. Emmanuela has raised her son alone and has experienced difficult moments. Today her son is an adult, and she found a good balance. That is when her cousin Couz, 79 years old, summoned her to tell her dark family histories, speak about angels, demons and salvage karma.

Couz wants to leave to Emmanuela a legacy, to give her weapons so that she could go on fighting against Yvo, an evil angel who is threatening the family with an ancestral curse! For Emmanuela, stories about ghosts and avenging spirits are mystic gibberish. Her friend Patricia, who is practising voodoo, tries to soothes her Cartesianism and encourages her to take Couz’ warnings seriously. Emmanuela is reluctant but must recognize that things increasingly alarming are going. She is beginning to be scared. Are Couz’ stories the fruit of a deranged mind only?

Kettly Mars lives in Port-au-Prince, Haïti. She wrote several novels, among them Saisons sauvages, Aux frontières de la soif and Je suis vivant. She has been translated in English language (Nebraska Press), German (Litradukt), Dutch (De Geus) and Croatian (Oksimoron).


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