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Anne-Sophie Monglon

The Sleeping Girl


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Date de parution : 31 août 2017
ISBN : 978-2-7152-4529-7
Nombre de pages : 192
Prix : 17 €


Bérénice Barbaret Duchamp, 33 years old, is a manager in an important communication firm. When she returns from maternity leave, she feels that she is being looked at in a different way than before… In her absence, some important changes occurred. Little by little she is pushed aside… Bérénice, who never tried to be put in the limelight, would tend to accept the situation without protesting. But her friend Clara shakes her up: she must fight! Thanks to a training course related to personal development —“Finding your voice to find your path in life” —, she gets friendly with Guillaume, the musician trainer. She sees in him a possible alter ego. Could he provide her the means and the desire to awake? It is urgent, because at home her nine-month-old son and her architect husband are waiting for her…

With this first novel, Anne-Sophie Monglon depicts the trajectory of a modern woman who is faced with violence of the work world, and who tries to take up the reins of her life.


Anne-Sophie Monglon used to teach Literature to the University. In 2009, she founded a consulting literary agency: she assists the authors and organizes writing workshop.


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