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Christophe Honoré

Your Father


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Date de parution : 07 septembre 2017
ISBN : 978-2-7152-3565-6
Nombre de pages : 192
Prix : 17 €


***Long-listed Prix Médicis 2017 ***

Christophe leaves in Paris with his ten years old daughter. One day, the little girl finds a note on the front door with these words: “Guerre et Paix: a dubious spoonerism” *. Then everything go fast and is setting like in a detective novel. Who wrote those words? Who is suspecting him of being a bad father? Is it possible to be a father and to be gay, this is the question that is maliciously asked… As a result of this event and the stupefaction he felt, Christophe Honoré built the lightning man of today’s portrait. Searching his private memory, looking for clues sometimes very old, in his childhood then at the heart of teenage years in Brittany. He reminds the discovering of desire, girls, boys, pleasure and make. But also the link with his own dead father.

This terribly audacious book is punctuated with pictures of writers and artists who have died from AIDS – Hervé Guibert, Serge Daney, Jean-Luc Lagarce, Jacques Demy, Bernard-Marie Koltès.


Born in Brittany in 1970, Christophe Honoré is a filmmaker, director for theatre and opera, writer and and author for children’s books.


*the French translation of Tolstoï’s title War and Peace can be read as the spoonerism of “père et gay” (father and gay).


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