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Roland Brival

Sato San, the Corset Master


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Date de parution : 11 mai 2017
ISBN : 978-2-7152-4559-4
Prix : 20 €


In Osaka, Japan, the young Sato spends his time in his mother’s sewing workshop. When customers come in for fittings, he must slip out… One day, his mother is away and he has to welcome a rich woman. For this occasion he discovers the clothes made by his mother: prettily elaborated corsets which enhance women’s bodies. Then the young boy decided to become a dressmaker.

After having convinced his mother, he starts a long apprenticeship to master the art of colours, dye, embroidery, the harmony of cuttings and materials. Trained by the best specialists, he is a brillant pupil. But this job puts him in permanent contact with half-naked women. For this young man, this is a great temptation. More than the learning of ancient embroidery, the most difficult for him is to learn to control his desires. His mother will find a radical way to make him “keeping his vital force sheltered from his body”…

Roland Brival was born in Martinique. Musician and singer, he wrote a dozen of novels, including Nègre de personne.


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