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Bertrand Leclair

Loosing Your Mind


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Date de parution : 24 août 2017
ISBN : 978-2-7152-4517-4
Nombre de pages : 256
Prix : 19,50 €


Roma, San Camillo Forlani hospital. How did Wallace come to be immobilized there with a hanging leg? To remember, he is writing his story. But as he is going back in time, his text reflects a very strange image, as a distorting mirror, and the mystery remains. He reminds his mistress in front of him, with her little revolver. He hears a shotgun, thinks back on the pain of his exploded knee… Why would he have been shot by this woman, who pretended to be madly in love with him? Could it be connected with her disabled husband who is also mafia head? Can love make one loose one’s head? All these questions will need to be answered…


Bertrand Leclair is the author of several plays, essays and novels. He most notably wrote Théorie de la déroute, L’invraisemblable histoire de Georges Pessant, Malentendus, La Villa du jouir and in 2016 Par la ville, hostile.


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